Bobmob is our approach to bring Twitch streaming to the next level. For us this means more interaction, participation and uniqueness for live streams.


We strive to provide streamers with more means to earn money in a positive, community-driven way. As well as providing content creators more tools to strengthen viewer engagement and interaction, while enabling easier branding and differentiation.


Viewers will have a fun & gamified viewing experience, be rewarded for watching and take a much more active part in the streams they follow.

Ideas? Suggestions?

If you have any cool ideas for rankings or other mini-games, please send them in by using our contact form or send an email to ideas@bobmob.stream. This is just the beginning. We have lots of ideas and therefore a whole lot of interactive fun for your streams in the production pipeline.

who runs BOBMOB?

We are vAudience GmbH, a German startup that set out to enable and encourage more interaction between content creators and viewers.

Questions? Feedback?

For questions hit us at support@bobmob.stream or give constructive criticism by writing to feedback@bobmob.stream.

Partnerships and Advertisements

We are very interested in demonstrating the product to you and build partnerships with teams, content creators and companies interested in innovative, interactive ad systems. Please send us an email to partnerships@bobmob.stream and we’ll get right back to you.