I am a streamer

How do I set up Bobmob as a streamer and what should I know?

Configuration of Bobmob

  1. Since you are visiting our “How to” section for streamers we assume you already installed Bobmob on your Twitch channel. However, if you need help installing the extension have a look at Twitch’s introduction to extensions.
  2. If you have installed the Bobmob extension correctly, it should show up in your “Installed Extensions” section in your extension manager.
  3. To start the configuration, click the little cogwheel on the Bobmob extension box in your “Installed Extensions” section.
  4. Choosing the position of the animation area
    1. The animation area is the space within viewers will see the Bobs performing their animations on screen.
    2. You can choose between the following four positions: Top, Top No Padding, Bottom and Bottom No Padding (You can find more detailed information on each option at the Bobmob configuration page on Twitch)
    3. After adjusting the animation area to your likings, click the “Save Changes”-button to submit your changes.
  5. Changing the visibility options for Bobmob animations
    1. You can choose to make Bobmob animations visible to all of your viewers OR
    2. You can only make animations visible to Bobmob users (viewers who granted access to the Bobmob Twitch extension)
    3. Your viewers still have the option to switch the animations on or off themselves by navigating to the Bobmob settings
    4. Click the “Save Changes”-button to submit your changes.

Who is BOBMOB_bot?

  1. After setting up the Bobmob extension, a bot named bobmob_bot will join your chat.
  2. Our bot allows your viewers to interact with the Bobmob Twitch extension via chat and earn in-game items for their avatars (BOBs).
  3. NOTE: The bot does not post anything in the chat.

Partner offers

Interested in custom Bobmob items with your Logos/Emoticons? Contact us at contact@bobmob.stream for detailed information.